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2019-10-09 03:03:39

You know the score. There you are, driving your beloved Jeep Wrangler along the Great Ocean Road, and just as you cruise past the Twelve Apostles–Jimmy Barnes serenading you through the excellent sound system; heated seats keeping your rump frostbite-free–, you realise that there’s nowhere convenient to place your AFL Premiership Trophy.

The one you just won last weekend, no less.

It could happen to any of us.

That’s why the good folks over at Jeep have come up with an ingenious solution: a cup holder that can hold more than just your usual Caramel Mocha Ariana Grande from Starbucks.

That’s right, these blueprints reveal Jeep’s dedication to their favourite team–the Richmond Tigers–, who beat the Greater Western Sydney Giants 114 points to 25 last weekend. Jeep is a sponsor of the Tigers, and couldn’t have their champions driving around with a cup of such immense resplendence just lying on the back seat, or wallowing in the boot.

No. A cup belongs in a cup holder, no matter what the cup, and if your cup just happens to be the grandiose spoils of a successful season of football, well, you’d better make sure that your cup holder is of the appropriate volume.

Hence, this practical and stylish solution.

According to Jeep, development and prototyping are officially afoot for this exclusive accessory, made especially for the Richmond Tigers Jeep fleet. The limited-edition attachment will enable Wrangler owners to pay tribute to their beloved 2019 AFL Premiers with a Giant (heh) reminder of the premiership win on their daily drive.

The unique Premiership Cup attachment has been designed to fit snugly within the existing JL Wrangler cup holder, complete with premium finishes to fit seamlessly with the existing Wrangler interior.

Doubling as an enlarged storage console or over-sized caffeinated beverage holster, this strictly limited souvenir will come complete with gold badging; a must-have for Jeep owners who live and breathe the black and yellow.

Or Wiz Khalifa.

Either way, necessity is the mother of invention, and here is a great example of the practicality-minded folks at Jeep putting their heads together and providing a solution where no other solution was to be had.

Update: For reasons not made clear to Man of Many, Jeep has revealed that it will not be moving forward with the production of this hilarious accessory. Bummer.

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